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Servomax Limited is a predominant power transformer manufacturer operating by the trust. Embarked by the brand of ‘Servocare’, it offers spectacular power transformer units and services that satisfy a diversified client base. We are excellently engaged to empower voltage regulation and maintenance in power generation and distribution fields.

The Company is specialized in the manufacture of small and medium power transformers with capacities ranging up to 16MVA. Our products are designed with cutting-edge technologies to step-up and step-down the voltage levels. With strict adherence to the national and international standards, we accommodate spectacular operations to offer the custom-fit transformer solutions.
This leading power transformer manufacturer attends green-energy contributions and encourages retaining environmental resources. Servomax Limited caters the special power solutions for solar and wind power generation plants to accommodate eco-friendly and cost-friendly power strategies.

Our small and medium power transformers are quite suitably used in –

  • DISCOM Substations
  • Industrial Applications
  • Power Generation Stations
  • Solar and Wind Power Plants
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