Dry type Transformers

Leading Dry Type Transformer Manufacturer​

Dry Type Transformer Manufacturer​

Servomax Limited is the best example to stand for excellent transformer solutions and environmental safety. It’s a specialized and leading dry-type transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad contributing greener energy solutions. It has manifold operations like manufacturing, distribution, supply, and export of customized dry-type transformers with capacities till 3150kVA.

Our R&D team cultivates state-of-the-art technologies, air-cooling techniques, and standard instincts to formulate the transformers. Distinctive engagement of air-based cooling in our transformers arrest the air-pollution associated with oil-based cooling. Without negotiating the quality and performance dealings, the Company adopts prominent measures in the different stages of transformer manufacturing pipeline.

The fabrication and assembly, testing, and delivery procedures are perfectly reliable to assure the safest voltage regulation. We provide the best dry-type transformers for indoor and outdoor applications and assure hassle-free equipment performance.
Servocare’s best dry-type transformers cherish outstanding applications in –

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